Sustaining Stewards Profile – John Naylor

A growing reputation and series of accomplishments by our CEO, as well as the community outreach aspect make a welcoming atmosphere

Sometimes i get tired, but in a good way. always though, i get a feeling of being on the right side of science and environmental justice

I believe that the planet’s health, as far as its current species are concerned has breached its tipping point, and is at great risk and probable continued loss of species is imminent and now we must save what we can, while we can

Sitting on a dumpster with Ted, talking about community efforts and moving forward, kinda of in awe of his dogged determination in spite of the challenges that arise

Don’t wait, please lend a hand. if not now, when? join like minded people who share similar basic ideas… see how gratifying it can be to go from thinking or pondering the issues before us environmentally, to doing your part for our beautiful Susquehanna River

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