Sustaining Stewards Profile – Cindy Pizziketti

I appreciate the fact that the LSRA is the Watchdog for our waterways. This is a position we should all be playing. There are so many miles of waterways that no one person or organization can be watching everything at once, but once you see a problem what does a person do? The Riverkeeper helped put me in contact with the Pa DEP and when they reported their findings he explained to me what caused the problem. If there was no resolution to the issue he pursued the polluters till the problem was resolved. I am grateful to have this resource in my community. 

I feel more connected with the issues along the Susquehanna for instance what is being done about the wastewater discharge in Harrisburg – LSRA keeps me up to date.

I really think it is the Watchdog role. DEP is understaffed and it is important that we have an organization like LSRA that holds polluters accountable.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with stories of the degradation that is occurring in our environment. Supporting LSRA is something I can do to help. When I work with young people, I talk of the change the Clean Water Act made to our waterways, but LSRA brings polluters to justice who think they are above the law.

Last year we collected over 50,000 lbs of trash to commemorate the 50th anniversary of 50 years since the Clean Water Act was passed. When we first came up with idea at an illegal dump clean up it seemed impossible, but with the help of LSRA coordinating many cleanups in York and Lancaster counties we reached the goal!

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